Principal's Message

When I look over a principal, it was my first foray into the world of administration. My life earlier was completely devoted to teaching and mentoring students. I thoroughly enjoyed that phase of my life. But Through this opportunity I had a chance to repay my almamater Thought on what is 'Good Education' what I want is integrated education that basically has three components. The first and foremost is physical education. An active person has more potential to contribute thaw a weak person.
Second component is intellectul education. The real learning take place outside the class room.

The third and most vital component is value education. Strong value based learning is the key to long term success and accomplishment of one's goals.

Once your higher goals are achieved do not erase for more , Start sharing with others. We nurture students to aim for sustainable happiness, Which in the long run is achieved when all the stake holders are happy. Short term material gains are self centric and are often harmful to the surrounding and dissolve in the long run. Heigher level sustainable goals should be the guiding principle for all.

Message for the Students

If man remembers that he came in empty handed and will leave in the same manner, ninety nine% of his problems will be instantly resolved. People have accumulated wealth and then they cry over scarcity. There is no end to this greed that exhausts resourses needed for the future generations. Aim highy in life and your personal goals will be achieved automatically on the way.

All these three components are interrelated. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind and a dynamic personality.

Views on the aims of a student and how the faculty helps in achieving them.

Our aim is to produce job creators and not job seekers. It is important to learn from failures and not to quit in life. They should be deeply analysed, reworked and then a strategy should be redesigned to improve and ensure ultimate success.

While climbing up a mountain, we often bend down to adjust body weight. The same tactic needs to be followed in mainstream of life. When rising or at a stage of success and fame, never take this to your head and become greedy or overconfident. Instead take this to your heart, be humble and down to earth, adapt the posture of humility and become more compassionate.

Warm Regards
Mrs. Harjeet Kaur