Other Facilities

Tuck Shop

A tuck shop is maintained in the school to provide quality goods and eatables to the students. The prices of the goods sold are fixed. Acquaguards are fitted to provide purified water to the students.

Medical Care

The regular medical check-up of every student is ensured. The parents are expected to follow up the advice given by the medical officer. First aid is given to the students free of cost, as and when needed, to treat ordinaryphysical disorder or temporary ailments during school hours. In case of any emergency during school hours, children will we taken to the hospital and parents will be informed as soon as possible.

Audio-Visual Aids

The audio-visual department has a projector, a V.C.R., a colour T.V. set, stereo and an amplifier system. Films of educational importance are screened from time to time.

Extra Classes for Weak and Brilliant Students

Extra classes are held to chisel the capabilities of brilliant students and to gear up the performance of weak students. Extra classes for weak students are run during the school hours and also during the summer vacation. Attendance in these classes is compulsory.