NCC Wing

7, HR, Br, NCC Karnal Since September 2007
  • 1. Combined Annual Training Camp: CATC Camp was held at Sagga in the month of May. Our 26 cadets participated in this camp. Our 4 cadets participated in the function at camp. They got prizes there.
  • 2. Firing Competition: Our cadets 1. Bharat (Class X-A), 2. Ashish (Class X-A) got good marks in firing competition at Unit Level.
  • 3. Our 50 cadets along with N.C.C. officers participated month wise parade in school and all functions of school actively.
  • 4. Our 10 cadets participated at “State Ambulance Competition” in the month of May-2013 and got certificates.
  • 5. Our 20 cadets participated in a function of “Run for Fun” which was organized by Haryana Police.
  • 6. Our 2 cadets participated in the competition on “Accidents” which was held at O.P.S Vidya Mandir School and got appreciable position in 1st round.
  • 7. Our 18 cadets participated in “A-Certificate” exam in the month January-2013.
  • 8. Our NCC cadets participated Rahagiri, CM's Tiranga Yatra in the month of August & September 2016.
  • 9. 30 NCC cadets have participated in yoga day on 21June 2016.
  • 10. Our NCC cadets have attended CAT camp at ropper 2015.
  • 11. NCC cadets have participated in all co-curricular activities of our school.
  • 12. Our NCC cadets got 1st position in cadet ambulance ditrict competition held at Karnal in 2015.
  • 13. Our NCC cadets appeared in 'A' certificate exam everywhere.